Thursday, February 8, 2018

Keep the claws, train the cat -use FELISCRATCH

FELISCRATCH, a brand new product to encourage appropriate scratching behavior, is now available at Fox Valley Cat Clinic.


 Feliscratch  works  in 3 different  ways:

1.    The pheromone message directs the scratching to the surface where the product has been applied.

2.    Catnip contributes to attract your cat to the scratching post

3.    Blue stained lines that mimic the visual message of the scratch marks

Feliscratch is proven effective!

1.    With unwanted scratching on both vertical and horizontal surfaces

2.    In cats exhibiting unwanted scratching or newly adapted cats/kittens

3.    With single or multiple cats in the same household

 Once you have successfully drawn your cat to the appropriate scratching surface or post, rewards should be readily available to encourage repeating the appropriate behavior.

 Training a cat to use a scratching post can be a challenge.  It is accomplished by enticing/rewarding the cat when it uses an appropriate surface. Rubbing catnip or a desired treat on the post and/or holding treats or toys part-way up the post can encourage stretching and scratching. A recent addition to the battle of inappropriate scratching, Feliscratch can easily be applied to the post to entice your cat or kitten to scratch where you want them to scratch!


Scratching is very instinctual for cats. The act of scratching is believed to act as general maintenance for the claws, a way to stretch their muscles, as well as to leave visual markers for other cats.

  Working with a young kitten may prevent inappropriate and destructive scratching as an adult.  Start FELISCRATCH early!  Provide your cat  with both vertical and horizontal services that are appropriate for scratching. Vertical scratching posts must be sturdy and able to support your cat's full adult weight and tall enough to allow your cat to stretch out completely.

  Most cats prefer wood, cardboard, rough rope or fabric. Place scratching posts in areas that are agreeable to your cats such as in view of windows or in sleeping areas, and close to feeding stations. Multiple cat households need plenty of scratching locations –remember, cats do not like to share.

 To deter inappropriate scratching it may be effective to place double-stick tape on surfaces that you want the cat to avoid. If scratching continues, restrict your cat's access to specific rooms or areas that contain the objects. Trimming the nails often and/or the use of products such as Soft Paws may also be effective in protecting surfaces you want your cat to avoid.


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