Thursday, March 19, 2015

Construction on Appleton Road

It's Spring.  And that means Highway Construction in Wisconsin. This year, it means Appleton Road
Closings!   My plan is to keep you updated on the Tri County Expansion as it related to "getting to the Fox Valley Cat Clinic".

Starting in mid-April (sometime in the next 30 days), the DOT will be CLOSING Appleton Road between Midway Rd and Tuckaway Lane (our little side street) in Menasha.  For 75 days, they will be designing roundabouts at the on-and-off ramps leading onto Hwy 441 from Appleton Road. 

The project website is

From mid-April to early July, traffic exiting 441 will be rerouted to either the MIDWAY exit to Valley Road/ Racine Street, which parallels 441 OR Oneida Street  exit to Valley Road.  Either exit off of 441 can be used to get to the clinic during these 75 days.  If you live on the lake side of Appleton Road, you can simply take Oneida St under 441 to Valley Road. 

It is expected that by the first week in JULY, Appleton Road will be functional again. then life will be good (as it related to getting to the Cat Clinic anyway)!

I will be using my BLOG as well as Facebook to keep you'all updated on the progress of things.

As always, if you need directions, please call us at 882-2287 and we can get you from there to here!

Happy Spring!

Dr. Maureen Flatley
Fox Valley Cat Clinic