Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cat treats and Baseball

What do Cat Treats and Baseball have in common?   I have 2 rules when it comes to treats for my cats.  One, a cat treat should serve a useful purpose , besides being tasty.  And two, I believe that cats should EARN their treats -treats should not be FREE!  I use the treats to get my cats off the couch and MOVING!

 My cats and I play an ALL-American game of baseball (OK, modified somewhat.)   I get to be  the major league pitcher, and they cover the  outfield.   I shake the dental treat jar, and they assume their positions.  I windup and throw.  They chase, attack, crunch and swallow.  And then prepare for the next ball -er... treat. Sometimes they catch a fly ball.   OK, sometimes I roll the ball toward the cat that is not quite so coordinated (Peabody).  He loves the game, but comes up short on catches unless I stack the deck a bit.  No one seems to mind this favoritism, least of all Peabody.

I expect that my cats think of this as a fun aerobic hunt- and-kill game. But  I see this as a way to keep them at a healthy weight, enriching their day with a natural hunting activity while cleaning their teeth one crunch at a time. Win-Win-Win. Oh, and it is really fun!

So now, what do I use as treats?  I use and recommend Purina DH. It is the only "treat" my cats receive.   It is a large round dry crunchy "ball" of kibble that is scientifically formulated to keep tartar from building up on the teeth-and the best part is that cats seem to LOVE DH.  It is fairly low in calories as well, which is a plus as most indoor cats, mine included,  tend to be a bit chubby.

So, as the New Year is just around the corner, and  your New Year Resolutions are under construction, consider adding a resolution like this one:  Every day I will engage  my cat in a game of  " chase and crunch".  It will be great for them in so many ways, and it will make you smile as well!

Let me know how your game of baseball is working at your house.  Please share this, if you have a cat loving friend.  Dr. Maureen Flatley, Fox Valley Cat Clinic