Thursday, June 14, 2018

Healthy Reasons To Own A Cat (or two...)

Any cat owner will tell you that having a cat in their home has infinite benefits, but did you know that it’s been scientifically proven that pet ownership is good for your health?
They’re good for your heart: We all know that having a feline companion can lower your stress levels. Even a quick lap cuddle can release calming chemicals into your body which lowers blood pressure.  Lower stress can actually lower your risk for cardiovascular disease and a stroke by around 30-40 percent.
Keeping your cat happy may help you heal: A cat’s purr creates vibration at a frequency that has been shown to have a positive healing effect on joint mobility following injuries by promoting bone strength and helping to heal soft tissue. The vibration of the purr has even been shown to help with infection and to reduce swelling.
Cuddling with you kitty improves your sleeping habits: Multiple studies have reported that the majority of people with cats in their home sleep better with their cat in their bed than with a human companion.  Better sleep has been show to promote overall health, better memory and creativity, and even increased productivity on the job. Who doesn’t feel better after a good night’s sleep?
Less sneezing: The National Institutes of Health released a study in 2002 that found that children who were exposed to a cat during their first year of life are less likely to develop allergies as they grow up. And not only pet allergies! Allergies to dust mites, ragweed, and grass are also less common.
Crazy cat ladies (or gentlemen) are more intelligent: In one study, cat lovers scored higher in intelligence and were more likely to have a college degree that those who consider themselves ‘dog people’.
Your kitty may manage  symptoms of depression and mental illness: Loneliness has proven to be a large factor in many disease including depression and an increased risk of Alzheimer’s. Who can deny that their pet is a positive influence in their life and gives them a reason to get out of bed each day (to fill the food bowl for breakfast if nothing else)? Studies have shown that having a pet in the home is beneficial for individuals with Autism or suffering from PTSD.
They teach us to enjoy the little things in life: Take a lesson from you furry friend. Cherish the simple things. If your cat can get joy out of cardboard box, a dancing red light from a laser pointer, or the jingle from a rolling toy, you can surely take a few moments from your busy day to find something that makes you smile.
So now you know. Not only is your cat a loving member of your family, but they do an important job. Keep your cat healthy and they’ll keep you healthy!  Now, time to cuddle the cat.

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