Friday, March 10, 2017

Good Cat Hunting

Cats are amazing and solitary hunters.  They stalk.  They stare, motionless.  They wait, poised.  They pounce.  They kill.  They savor.  Outdoor cats spend up to 90% of their waking hours hunting.  This is not only mentally stimulating for kitty, but healthy physical activity.

So what about our indoor cats?  We feed them from a bowl, sometimes as lib. Feeding from a bowl may be responsible for the obesity epidemic we are seeing in our cats- 60% of indoor cats in the U.S. are overweight or obese. And eating from a bowl is not too mentally stimulating.

We have taken away their physical need to hunt....but is the drive still there?  Should we consider the psychological and healthy benefits to feeding "for the hunt"?

 Dr. Elizabeth Bales has developed a No Bowl Feeding System for cats.  Food is hidden in the NoBowl device, similar to a treat ball, but mouse shaped, with a soft exterior and a tail.  Once a cat is used to retrieving food/treats from the MOUSE, then the dry kibble can be divided into 5 MICE and hidden throughout the house.  End result:  No Bowl.

In multiple cat households, this system might work really well.  Most cats are trained to eat next to each other.  But cats are solitary hunters.  Using 5 MICE per cat would allow the cats to search for their meal alone, increasing mental and physical stimulation, and perhaps reducing stress.

The No Bowl system is not the only way to feed for the hunt.  Just Google "pictures of interactive feeders for cats" and you will get many product ideas.  Something as simple as a treat ball filled with part of the daily meal would be a great place to start.  For some cats, there may be a bit of a learning curve before you achieve success! 
More information can be found here: No Bowl information

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Happy Hunting!
Dr. Maureen Flatley
Fox Valley Cat Clinic


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